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3 in 1 Color Tool

Paisley on Pink

Floral Folio from Clothworks

Large scale pink floral

Organic floral

Small red flowers on brown

Floral on black

Rose floral stems

Virginia Robertson 2008 floral Green

Floral Print

yellow floral print on black

Color Collage Flowers in Grape

Asian Floral - Black

Zig, Zag, Zoom!

Spicy floral

Floral Folio from Clothworks

Deck the Halls Quilt Kit

Tone-on-tone flowers

Small pink flowers

Large floral bouquet

Coral floral paisley

Amy Butler - Garden Maze - Green AB23

Avocado floral tone-on-tone

Pink Floral Print

Small Floral Print

Crazy Eights Sherbert

Color Wheel Mixing Guide 9 1/4"

Reverse Action Tweezers

Simple Floating Stars

Magic Maze!

Ribbonwork Gardens

Golden pansies

Spicy floral geometric

Floral Folio from Clothworks

Southwest Pottery

Floranopoly Stripes

Birds and flowers stripe

Virginia Robertson 2008 floral Brown

Large flowers

large floral print on black

Pink and yellow leaves

Small scattered roses

Large Print Floral

Chrysanthemums - Black

Color Wheel Pocket Mixing Guide 5 1/8"

Magic Maze! By Miranda Morse

Small peach flowers

Magic Garden - Little Blossoms Green

Floral Folio from Clothworks

Green and cream scroll

Fauna & Flora - bright dk pink

Passion Lily Fern

Thimbleberries 2011 Border Blast Charm Pack

Dark Brown Floral Print

Plum waves

Magic Maze! By Julie McAuliffe

Magic Maze! By Evelyn Klein

Magic Garden - Forgotten Flowers Red

Leaf stripe

Tonal Burnt Rose Flowers and Leafy Scroll

Tangerine Disco Flower

Blue tropical flowers

Amy Butler - Soul Blossoms - Delhi Blooms - Lime AB63

Picture Panes by Always Quilting

Loralie Garden Gallery Panel

Tiny Buds

Green and Pink Floral

Amy Butler - Nouveau Trees - Moss AB30

Amy Butler - Disco Flower - Hot Pink AB58


Brown Floral Print

Best Friend (dog) Collage Pattern and Kits

Picture Panes by Evelyn Klein

Sweet Greens

Urban Country Quilts - 15 Projects for the Home

Small flowers and butterflies on cream

Magic Garden - Happiness Pink

Flowers on green

Stylized Green Floral

Small pink and white flowers on gold

Taupe floral

Amy Butler - Lark - PWAB079 Blue

Middleburg Floral

Tea in the Garden

Floral Pillow Panel

Is it Spring Yet Panel

Private Gallery Panel

Magic Garden - Twilight Pink

Small red leaves

Janome Tapestry Case for Jem Machines

Amelia Jenks Bloomer

Magic Garden - Magic Stripes Pink

Sage and Gold All-Over Floral

White and pink flowers

Small floral and stripe

Think Outside the Box - Wild Flowers!

Foundation-Pieced Quilts - 14 Favorites from Quiltmaker Magazine

Magic Garden - Early Dawn Green

Portofino - 26399 E

Black and White Floral Print

The Back Forty Pattern and Kits

1930"s Applique Butterfly Panel

Magic Garden - Garden Gate Pink

Seasonal Bouquet - Navy

Small red flowers on green

Pink leaves

Portofino - 26399 S

Red leaves

Patchwork Poker - Roses are Beautiful

Patchwork Poker - Batiks are a Winner!

Patchwork Poker - Fabulous Fall!

Patchwork Poker - Shangrila

Patchwork Poker - Asian Elegance

Amy Butler - Bali Gate - Pink AB52

2011 Saturday Basket Sampler - A Tisket, A Tasket, An Always Quilting Basket! ***RETIRED***

Vintage Elegance - Anita Goodesign

Seasonal Bouquet - Tan

Geisha with fan on cream

Moda Red Floral

Plum flowers and background stripe

Portofino - 26401 S

Patchwork Poker - Bright Flower Fun!

Roses on light tan

Cloisonne Manor Butterflies on Green

Terra Cotta Tonal Floral

Tiny dark pink flowers

Light Green Floral Print

Small red flowers on light green

Roses on cinnamon

SaharaTonal Floral

Moda Pink Floral on Cream

Tone on tone floral

Amy Butler Honeycomb Ivory

Susan B. Anthony


Pink and Red Flowers with Green Leaves and Stems on Yellow

Moda Pink and Cream Paisley

Two-tone pink stripe

Med. brown triplet leaves

Fantastic Flowers

Paisley Flowers on Cream

30 Antique Rose fat qtrs

Blue Green and Yellow Floral Print.

Yellow and brown triplet leaves

Thimbleberries Red Floral

Thread Magic Garden

Moda Sage Tone on Tone

Hibiscus Pattern and Kits

Poppy Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Savanna Pattern and Kits ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***

Floral Tile Scene - Anita Goodesign

Snowflakes on black

Russet brown leaves & blooms

Black Floral Print

Pointsettia Pattern and Kits

Zuri (Giraffe) Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Coral Clusters

AccuQuilt GO! Applique Die - Crazy Petals 55326

Tone-on-tone floral in blue

Red Floral on White

Orange leaves & blooms

On the Prowl Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Rose Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVALABLE**

Wildflower Mix Collage Pattern and Kits

Into the Storm Pattern and Kits

Cadet blue sticks & stones

Cameo Blossoms 3149-001

Bearly Fall Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Simply Daisies Pattern

Natural Splendor Panel

Small Floral on Black

Moda Fleurs 18630-11

Dainty Blooms 3148-002

Autumn Eyes Pattern and Kits ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***

Monarch of the Valley Pattern ****RETIRED NO LONGER AVAILABLE****

Violas Pattern and Kits

Wild Girl Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Decorative Contemporary Buttons - 1-1/4" - Choose Cheetah, Floral, or Paisley

King and His Guards Pattern and Kits

Summer Serenity Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

The Hunter Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Tulips Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVILABLE**

Gold textured

Garden Sunflowers Pattern and Kits

Tatanka Pattern and Kits **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Dainty Blooms 3148-003

Iris Pattern and Kits

Plumeria Pattern **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Med. green textured

Heirloom Floral 3145-001

Ashtyn - 26278 Navy

Large Floral in Tan - Sweet Autumn

Ashtyn - 26279 Dk. Teal

Ashtyn - 26280 Navy

Small blue flowers

Impressions Panel

Large Floral in Brown - Wooden Trellis

Bloomin' Cool Thread Spool Pattern by Marveles Art Studios

Bugs Panel

Timeless Blooms Collage Pattern by Marveles Art Studios

Mini-Bloomin' Cool Thread Spool

Lady Love Bug

Jerome the Knome Collage Pattern by Marveles Art Studios

Delicate Vine Print - Pink Buds

Garden Party by Laura Heine Pattern OR Kit OR Block of the month

Sweet Tweets Collage Pattern by Marveles Art Studios

Fanciful Vines

Timeless Grace

Izaak The Bloomin' Bighorn Sheep

Tiny vines

Red flowers and red buds oncream

Delicate Vine Print - Rainwater

Jelly Roll Quilt Blocks - Anita Goodesign

Mama's Girls Pattern and Kits

Flowers and Vines - Rainwater

Protea Applique Pattern and Kits by Laura Heine

Mix and Mingle Panel from Moda

Flowers and Vines - Rosy Red Blooms

Letters of Joy

My Cup Overflows

Graceful Stripe - Pink Buds

Graceful Stripe - Wooden Trellis

Night Bright - Paisley & Floral Blue

Night Bright - Paisley & Floral Purple

Moda Pedal Pushers - Feature Floral Raspberry

Moda Pedal Pushers - Feature Floral Sun

Endless Love Pattern and Kits

Moda Pedal Pushers - Feature Floral Aqua Sky

small pink floral print

Mad About Plaid!

Moda Pedal Pushers - Floral Crest Cloud Multi

Moda Pedal Pushers - Floral Crest Aqua Sky

Birds and vines on black

Jinny Beyer Malam Batik - 2976-001

Pastel flowers on cream

Moda Pedal Pushers - Floral Crest Dark Blue Night

Jinny Beyer Malam Batik - 2976-003

Dark flowers on black

Jinny Beyer Malam Batik - 2147-007

Petit Floral - black on white

Sunflower Pattern and Kits

Moda Pedal Pushers - Feedsack Floral Grass

Moda - Roses & Chocolate II - 33270.12

Moda - Roses & Chocolate II - 33270.15

Hoffman Batik - Dotty Floral - Chestnut - P2967-51

Moda - Roses & Chocolate II - 33271.11

Pink floral swirl

Moda Pedal Pushers - Floral Perch Yellow Sun

Moda - Roses & Chocolate II - 33271.12

Moda Pedal Pushers - Floral Perch Aqua Sky

Moda - Roses & Chocolate II - 33271.13

Moda - Roses & Chocolate II - 33271.15

Moda Pedal Pushers - Floral Perch Dark Blue Night

Moda Pedal Pushers - Floral Cameo Leaf Aqua Sky

Moda LOL BFF Turquoise - Turquoise and White Floral Geometric

Moda LOL OMG Purple - Purple Tone on Tone Floral Geometric

Poppies Pattern and Kits

Sky tonal floral

Moda LOL AYK Green - Green and White Floral Geometric

Moda LOL AML Pink - Pink Tone on Tone Floral Geometric

Baltimore Revisited - Anita Goodesign

54" Brown Velvet tone-on-tone

Teapots to Applique - Block Sampler

Blossoms Pattern and Kits

Fantasy Floral Quilts

RJR Jinny Beyer Palette - 8868-006 Floral Vine - Ginger

A Garden Party of Quilts

Sea Turtles Pattern and Kits

Courtship Quilts

Ombre Flowers

Toile Tile Scenes

Merry, Berry and Bright 3161-001

Fresh Flowers - Anita Goodesign

Floral Vases - Anita Goodesign

A Year of Flower Blocks

Roaring 20s - Floral Bough - PWSL060 Deco

Floral Delight - Green - Paul Jacobs

More Fabulous Flowers

Spring 2018 - Baroque Floral - PWPJ090 Black

Spring 2018 - Baroque Floral - PWPJ090 Red

Floral Hearts - Anita Goodesign

Gathered from the Garden- Quilts with Floral Charm.

Botanical Trapunto - Anita Goodesign

Carol Armstrong's Patches & Posies

Petals of My Heart Block of the Month by McKenna Ryan

Anita's Card Holder - Anita Goodesign

Country-Fresh Quilts

Floral Rings - Anita Goodesign

Crane Tapestry - Anita Goodesign

Floraganza - Anita Goodesign

All Gussied Up Pattern and Kits

Downton Abbey English Rose Tea

Amy Butler Sunblooms Note Cards

Large asian flowers in red and brown

Ribbons and flowers

Black print with red designs

Small mum-like flowers

Small lavender floral

Flo Flo Pattern and Kits

Kanzashi Flower Project Booklet - Fresh, Casual & Fun

Rhinestones Pattern Pack 1

Unbridled Pattern and Kits

Violet and red flowers with green vines on black

Island Batik - Small Pointed Floral - Raspberry 121613330

Island Batik - Glowing Embers - 121609370

Island Batik - Small Floral Dot - Jade - 121633620

Island Batik - Large Floral Dot - Ice - 121629710

Island Batik - Large Floral Dot - 121629790 Licorice

Island Batik - Large Mixed Floral - Leprechaun 121609630

Island Batik - Round Petal Floral - Light Smore 121612049


Tiny leaves in grey

Flowers and Print on Black

Small Purple, Mauve and Red Metallic Flowers on Lavender

Mauve and Cream Metallic Flowers with Swirls on Brown

Morning Glories on Blue

Morning Glories on Pink

Morning Glories on Red

Sakura Flowers on Blue

Sakura Flowers on Yellow

Chrysanthemum - Tone It Up - Black

Chrysanthemum - Tone It Up - Brown

Chrysanthemum - Tone It Up - Gold

Chrysanthemum - Tone It Up - Purple

Chrysanthemum - Tone It Up - Red

Quill Fat Qtr Pack - Moda - 44150AB

Garden Jubilee Applique Block of the Month

Butterfly Kisses Block of the Month

Dark olive army green floral texture

Teapot Finishing Kit

Azalea Gardens

Floral Fantasy Rubbing Plates

Zenbroidery Floral 4000

Zenbroidery Floral 4007

Country-Fresh Quilts: Traditional Blocks with Floral Accents

Army and olive green large wavy stripe floral

Thimbleberries Garden Collection Kit - ON SALE

Zinnias in a Vase - Kit with Pattern

Zinnias in a Vase Pattern and/or Kit

Flowers for Kashmir

Super Simple Quilts #3

A Dash to the Finish

Florabunda by Brookshier Design Studio

Abstract Floral Pinwheel Twist

Marsh Marigold

Banana Butterflies

Rose of Sharon with Pomegranates

French Roses

The Seasons in Bloom

Light green with white floral paisley design

Red Flowers on Cream

Tiny pink berries

Christmas Splendor by Color Principle for Henry Glass & Co.

Small blue floral


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